Magnetic Net For Doors and Windows


Able to last between 6-9 years.


Suitable for all types of windows

Simple Yet Sophisticated With Reasonable Pricing

The screen is suitable for all types of windows and doors. The insect screen is able to accommodate on metal grille windows and doors as the magnet is able to stick on to the metal grille. The magnetic insect screen is simple and easy to be removed for purposes such as cleaning or repainting the metal grille. The insect screen is usually able to last between 3 to 5 years. Currently the frame of the insect screen is available in 4 colours. This insect frame is more popular, compared to other insect frame as it is also save space for the door and window area.

Color & Material

The mosquito net, wire mesh type is made out of fiber glass. The colour available for it is only Black colour. The color availability or the frame are white, grey, brown and black. The material used for our product are half inch (12.5mm) PVC strip, magnet strip and 502 super glue.